A Year in Review: Taptica’s Best of 2017

December 20, 2017 | Article written by Carly Morris

2017 has been nothing if not a year of incredible innovations, challenges, and game-changing discoveries within the mobile industry.

As we move quickly towards the new year, we’re taking a look back at our New Year’s resolutions for 2017 to see where we were successful and where we still stand to grow in 2018.

Building on our new tradition of sharing a year-end recap with the friends and partners who make it all possible, we’re breaking down 2017’s biggest moments and trends for Taptica and the greater mobile world.

So, without further ado… Here are our six big resolutions for 2017, and how they all panned out:

1. Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

2017 was a huge year for partnership growth and development. This year, we’ve been fortunate to learn a great deal from both our advertising partners and our tracking partners. This is especially true in the case of hot new topics like mobile ad fraud, where we’ve been able to collaborate with both teams in new and meaningful ways.

And who could forget the new friends turned family from our acquisitions of Tremor Video DSP and AdInnovation Japan? We couldn’t be prouder to see our team continue to grow with so many brilliant and dedicated new Tapticans around the globe.


2. Explore the World

As an ever-expanding international team, we’re always discovering exciting new places and meeting inspiring new people. This year, we stepped it up another notch in attending and hosting more than 80 conferences and events worldwide.

In fact, we were so heartened by our experiences that we decided to settle down in some of these new places. This year, we were beyond excited to announce three new office locations in the UK, India, and Japan.


3. Try Something New

For our Tapticans, this was the year of trying new things. They say the magic happens just outside your day-to-day routine – and we believe it! Kicking off 2017 with no reservations, this “chutzpah” introduced us to some truly exciting new ventures.

This year, we became official members of a number of prominent new groups, including the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK and the TUNE Certified Partner Program.

And, though notably less daring, we’ve also decided to try our hand at #Instalife. You can keep up with our behind-the-scenes adventures on Instagram at @wearetaptica.


4. Spread Good News

We’re proud to be a trusted source for all the latest industry news, insights, and best practices as they develop. Over the course of the year, we’ve tackled every topic from industry research, to new product updates and insider insights. But what were the most popular trends of 2017?

This year, our three biggest blog posts focused on video, social, and holiday retail:

1) Instream vs Outstream Video: Which is Right for You?
2) Facebook Vs. Instagram: Key Audiences, Behaviors & Strategies
3) Are You Ready for Singles’ Day 2017?


5. Help Our Friends Succeed

The way we see it, your New Year’s resolutions should always serve more than just yourself. One thing we resolve to do every year is to help our partners perform at their best, and to share these success stories to inform and inspire others to reach new heights.

Our top success stories for 2017 come from a range of different mobile verticals, highlighting the increasing diversity of new players in the performance mobile ecosystem:

1) Ride Sharing: Curb. How we hyper-localized Curb’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns to drive 300% install growth.
2) Gaming: Playrix. Taptica launched cross-channel campaigns on Pinterest and mobile channels to generate millions of monthly installs across three of Playrix’s top titles.
3) eCommerce: YEAY. We teamed up with YEAY for mobile acquisition and retargeting campaigns that drove user engagement up to 312% above benchmarks.


6. Beat Our Personal Best

We feel phenomenal about fulfilling our own resolutions, and we’re over the moon when we see that our passion projects are also inspiring others. Though we’ve long believed in our team and our tech, 2017 has been a great year for giving the outside world a glimpse of what we’re made of.

Here are some of the incredible recognitions we’ve been presented over the course of the year:

AIM Awards: International Company of the Year

Deloitte Israel: Technology Fast 50

Outside & Best Companies Group: 100 Best Places to Work 2017

Mobyaffiliates: Best Mobile Advertising Companies 2017

Mobyaffiliates: Top Mobile DSPs 2017

Digiday: Best Social Advertising Platform

ExchangeWire: Best Cross Channel Campaign (in collaboration with 4:33)

AppsFlyer: Strongest Partner Growth 2017

TUNE: #2 Advertising Partner in Japan

TUNE: #4 Advertising Partner for Video App Ads

Digiday Europe: Best Mobile Advertising Platform (finalist)

App Promotion Summit: Best App Advertising Platform (finalist)


When all is said and done, 2017 has been a wonderful whirlwind of a year, and we couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible group of partners, friends, and fellow Tapticans alongside us for the ride.

Happy holidays, and cheers to an even bigger and brighter year in 2018.