November 23, 2016 | Article written by Carly Morris

The Last-Minute Marketer’s Guide to Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark two of the biggest retail spending days around the world, with more than $880 billion in total holiday retail sales projected for this year. And now more than ever, shoppers are going mobile for…
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November 2, 2016 | Article written by Carly Morris

Exploring the World of 360 Ads

Facebook 360-degree ads are an immersive and engaging new ad format that drives the user experience leaps and bounds beyond the standard static ads of the past. 360 ads offer a captivating way for advertisers to bring their audiences directly…
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October 27, 2016 | Article written by Carly Morris

The Taptica Blueprint for Mobile Holiday Magic

Fall is finally here and for many retail marketers, the season marks the beginning of an exciting countdown to some of the biggest shopping days of the year. As the top American spending period annually, the winter holiday season presents…
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October 21, 2016 | Article written by Nora Stark

Do More Together: Recapping Facebook Global Partner Summit

The Facebook Global Partner Summit is an event that the Taptica team looks forward to every year, and last week’s summit was certainly no exception. Drawing in more than 900 attendees from around the world, this year proved to be…
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October 20, 2016 | Article written by Carly Morris

3 Tips to Perfect Your Next Mobile Soft Launch

You’ve spent months developing your new app and you’re finally ready to show the world – or so you think. After all of your intensive efforts, it’s no surprise that you’re eager to share the fruits of your labor and…
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October 13, 2016 | Article written by Carly Morris

Social Campaigns on Pinterest: The Pros and the Pro Tips

Within the past year, Pinterest has exploded onto the social advertising scene – and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. With upwards of 2 billion monthly searches from more than 50 million monthly average users, there’s no denying the…
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October 6, 2016 | Article written by Carly Morris

The Mobile Video Takeover: Past, Present & Future

Mobile video adoption has been on the rise for years, for both advertisers and audiences alike. Since 2014, video has been raking in the highest ad revenue growth of any of its search, display, or social counterparts, and leaving traditional…
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September 14, 2016 | Article written by Carly Morris

Report: Mobile Apps Account for Over 60% of US Online Time

According to an all new report from ComScore, mobile apps have officially pushed past desktop and mobile web to become the top channel for online time spent in the US. Based on the results of their research, desktop web currently…
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