Report: 30-Day App Uninstall Rate Hits 28%

June 21, 2018 | Article written by Carly Morris

According to a new report from AppsFlyer, the average 30-day global app uninstall rate has just reached 28%.

Keeping an eye on average uninstall rates and their contributing factors is an important practice for developers hoping to avoid the same fate. To help you get there, we’ve digested the highlights from the latest AppsFlyer report, right here:


Uninstall Rates by Country

As most advertisers are likely aware, app uninstall rates vary quite a bit by geo. While this is due to a number of factors, some of the most pervasive center around internet access, connection/download speeds, and data storage.

Take for example, that the average uninstall rate after 30 days in Vietnam is 32.1%, whereas the average rate for France and the U.S. is closer to 26%.

Key Takeaway: For advertisers looking to reach a global audience, localize your content and keep your app as light as you can without negatively impacting the user experience. With content relevant and accessible to any user, your retention rates will surely thank you.


Uninstall Rates by Category

App vertical also has a major impact on overall uninstall rate. For example, travel-related apps often see engagement dip and peak on a seasonal-specific basis, while finance apps tend to have more frequent usage year-round.

According to the latest numbers, entertainment and travel apps receive an average uninstall rate of 32% after 30 days, while finance only sees about 24%.

Key Takeaway: For apps of any genre, there are a few basic strategies to help remain relevant all year round:

● Provide Valuable Content

While a travel app may not be top of mind during periods of time where users aren’t planning to travel, providing can’t-miss content like exclusive deals or travel tips can give you the competitive edge you need to go the distance.
● Stay Quick & Agile

Once upon a time, we had to wait several minutes for a page to load. Now, users expect apps to load within 6 seconds or less. If your app is heavy with videos or other slow-loading content, your audience is more likely to opt out and find a stronger experience elsewhere. Keep it light and keep it simple!
● Stay Engaged

Finally, your content needs to continue to engage long past the initial install. Always aim to give your audience a reason to return to your app. Things like new features, limited-time deals, and relevant, timely push notifications should do the trick.


When Do Uninstalls Happen?

AppsFlyer’s report also shows that most uninstalls happen at some point during week one. This goes to show just how important your campaign targeting and initial user experience come to be in your overall retention rate.

Key Takeaway: First, you should always deliver what you advertise. Users will almost surely uninstall if they discover your app is not what they were expecting. Secondly, make sure you have a simple and engaging onboarding process. If people can’t figure out how to use your app, they’ll be gone before you have the chance to reengage them.


What Can You Do to Avoid an App Uninstall?

Want a few more tips for lasting retention? Here are a few best practices that apply across almost any market and app vertical:

● Keep It Simple

Users typically uninstall within the first day or week of the initial download. Therefore, your app should be streamlined and user friendly. Remember that too many bells and whistles right up front can overwhelm users and push them away.
● Look for Patterns

At Taptica, we know the importance of providing insights for mobile advertisers to understand when and where they go right (or wrong) during the user journey. Regularly reviewing your insights for patterns is the best way to determine where you still have room to improve.
● Be Transparent

While some find themselves tempted by high-converting clickbait strategies, it’s important to remember that a conversion has very little long-term value if the user uninstalls the next day. By being clear about your app offering and user experience from the get-go, you stand a much better chance of converting interested and engaged users from day 1.

Want to learn more? You can check out the full AppsFlyer report right here.