From Content to Cart: Shoppable Content Is on the Rise

August 29, 2018 | Article written by Carly Morris

Online shopping makes it easy to buy products from anywhere, at any time. Now, with the rise of shoppable content, it’s easier than ever for people to make purchases directly from content they already consume daily.


What Is Shoppable Content?

Shoppable content is any type of online content (most often social), which sends users directly to a product page or website to buy that item. This helps streamline the conversion process by whisking the consumer from an item of interest in their native feed over to the designated page to purchase it.

In short: going directly from content to cart with no risk for drop-off in between.

Here’s what shoppable content tends to look like on social:

● On Instagram, brands can make products shoppable on stories and posts, using the ‘swipe up’ feature to link people directly to product pages
● On Facebook, Facebook Collection Ads allow shoppers to view multiple products within a single post. From there, brands can also create a Shop Page to easily sell products right from the platform
● Snapchat recently launched a Shoppable AR feature through their Sponsored Lenses, making it easy for users to shop directly in the app
● On Pinterest, Buyable Pins makes it simple to shop on Pinterest without ever having to leave the app


Why Boost Shoppable Content?

In a recent Gartner study, 41% of brands surveyed shared that they use shoppable content on Instagram, and another 17% use Facebook’s shoppable brand pages.

On the flipside, 34% of digital shoppers have still never bought anything via social media. So, why are so many brands hopping on the shoppable content bandwagon?

For one, it’s profitable. Shoppers that engage with a retailer on social are likely to spend 19% more than a shopper who doesn’t.

Second, the shoppable content experience is always improving. Instagram and Facebook, for example, are constantly rolling out new features that make these posts easier and more relevant for every user, every time.

Last but not least, shoppable content is a surefire way to effectively engage younger audiences, particularly Gen Z.

This is a critical demographic for eCommerce brands given that Gen Zers are about twice as likely to convert on mobile than any other demographic. And, lucky for the shoppable content connoisseur, 80% of Gen Z, along with 74% of millennials, rank social media as a main influencer behind their purchase decisions.


Measuring Impact on Shoppable Content

Most major social channels have a basic built-in analytics system to help gauge impressions, clicks, and perhaps even conversions.

But, any eCommerce brand knows that the only thing more valuable than a purchasing user is a purchasing user who continues coming back for life. That’s why it’s essential to work closely with your media vendor and mobile measurement partner to track downstream user behaviors and adjust your strategy to retarget, reengage, and reincentivize your most valuable users for lifetime loyalty and ROI.

While shoppable features are still improving, the audience is there and ready. Go into your campaign launch prepared with a variety of high quality product photos and videos, along with a custom messaging strategy for your unique audience, and, as always, a solid plan and a strong partner to help measure your impact and optimize your way to the top.